A Few Words About Us

Times change. People change. Communities change.

All these and many other factors combined catapulted CICD into thinking of our purpose as a community organization. Our Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities have needs that are different from those our families had fifty, thirty, even fifteen years ago. We still have a responsibility to empower our people while celebrating all that makes us special.

With that goal in mind, we set a course to make sure our programs, services and events go beyond the celebration of our culture by lifting each other up and high.

Change is not easy or comfortable. We understand that. Coming out of our comfort zones is a challenge, but staying stagnant in the same situation for decades is not the solution to a better future for the next generations. 

Today, our Board of Directors and core group of volunteers stand together making the promise that our focus is to invest in our Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities. As we look at our mission, we realize that our work is monumental. 

However, we are committed to working on those three pillars when engaging in activities and creating commitments.

Our pillars are defined as:

  • Leadership (through education and scholarships)
  • Cultural preservation (through cultural educational and recreational programs and events)
  • Community service (through collaborations and partnerships with other organizations and businesses in the region)

The focus on our three pillars will allows us to place the effort where we can make the most impact so our children, youth and other fellow Puerto Ricans and Hispanics can break the cycles that generationally have been part of our history. 

We look forward to working with you.