About Us

The Connecticut Institute for Community Development-Puerto Rican Parade Committee (CICD) founded in 1958 dedicated to social engagement, community building, cultural enrichment, and most renowned for its annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. Cultivated decades ago through modest means, it has emerged as a parade of prominence in the state of Connecticut highlighting the sensational influences that Puerto Rican heritage has on society as a whole.

CICD Puerto Rican Parade Inc. is driven  100% by volunteers, and throughout the year, delivers events that celebrate the rich food, culture, and people of Puerto Rico. In the mission of celebrating Puerto Rican heritage in a city so heavily populated by people of Puerto Rican descent, the CICD is committed to honoring the past and embracing the future, bridging the gap between younger generations and our forefathers, and enriching and refining a lasting cultural legacy.

CICD-Puerto Rican Parade Inc. is dedicated to community building, providing cultural affairs through the Puerto Rican community in Greater Hartford, and is open to collaborating with individuals and organizations who share our beliefs and ideals in promoting such cause.