When you contribute to CICD, you are investing in sharing our beautiful Puerto Rican culture. From folkloric traditional music to the delicious food, from outstanding athletes to renowned scientists, from the flora and fauna to our geography – we have much to share.

Will you make it happen?

The Puerto Rican Parade and Festival del Coqui are the celebratory highlight of everything we accomplish through the year. It takes well over 5000 volunteer hours to cover these two events.

Historically, our sponsors have been small businesses and individuals who believe in our work.

We have set a goal to raise $150,000 for 2018-2019. Once achieved, we will be able to provide culturally focused programs for youth and adults, educational scholarships for our youth, and carry out the parade and festival without compromising the quality of any.

Every dollar counts. Whether you can invest $25, $250, $2500 or more, you are part of our change.

Make your transaction safely online from your home, office or digital device to invest in our future.

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