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Dear friends, family and community,

As everyone knows, the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico has caused an emergency situation in the South and Southwest areas of ​​the Island.

As an act of solidarity and public service to help our brothers & sisters on the Island, the CICD Puerto Rican Parade will act as a fiduciary for monetary collections and subsequent payment for goods & services for essential items in the most affected municipalities. The following partners will be working with us in CT and in Puerto Rico, in order to help coordinate and identify the intended recipients.

Relief Partners:
City of Hartford Council President, Maly Rosado
Dressler Law
CICD PR Parade, Inc.
The Latino Way Marketing
Lion’s Club CT and PR
Mayor of Cayey, Puerto Rico – Hon. Rolando Ortiz
Connecting Paths of Puerto Rico
Colegio de Profesionales de Enfermeras y Enfermeros de Puerto Rico
Ponce Neighborhood Housing Svcs. – NHS

The CICD will be responsible for the collection, coordination and transfer of funds to the island, as well as the distribution of the funds to the intended recipients.

We are mounting an awareness campaign, with our community partners Maly Rosado, City of Hartford Council President, Dressler Law and The Latino Way Marketing, to inform the public and urge all who can contribute, to do so.


Thank you,

Sammy Vega, President
CICD Puerto Rican Parade, Inc.

100% of all tax-deductible donations will be allocated to buy urgent items to benefit the Puerto Rican residents of the municipalities affected in the South of Puerto Rico. This effort is purely humanitarian, non-partisan, lead by the CICD Earthquake Relief Committee

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